Increasing Understanding: Interview with Ash Gallagher, Reporting from Northern Iraq

Yes, really.

Some folks don’t get it, yet.  There is no more boundary between news and you. Reporters and journalists are keenly aware of it.  That’s why they don’t hesitate (the good ones) to bend a knee, and talk to podcasters.  They understand that we respect the work, and strive to learn.  They know a podcast audience is CHOOSING what they listen to, in a fine sense.  Not just a station, but the actual discussions…They are literally telling us what they want to hear about, and we go get that for them.

So…Ash is a hero of knowledge.  A hero of reading and understanding.  She is actually out there, in the scariest sense of the word, getting information for you.  If you doubt me, google How many journalists have been killed in Northern Iraq”.

We encourage you to go visit her website, where you’ll find lots of her work, and you should read it all.  Here’s a sample:

You can follow her on Twitter @beatnikjourno

Thanks so much to everyone who listens, supports, and shares the podcast.  We are growing up.

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