Baboon Room Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mega Cast. PART ONE.

Artificial Intelligence is Coming

EDIT NOTE!  Greg, here.  I forgot to include Corey’s intro and outtro..Fixed now. Relisten if you missed them.  Sorry!

Corey and Findlay

Corey and Findlay lay out the terms and concepts to be used in discussing the near and long term future of Artificial Intelligence, or AI.

It’s heady stuff.  They deconstruct it, to help us discuss it’s import, it’s danger, and it’s meaning for humanity.

Surprisingly few fart jokes in this podcast.

For more information, we recommend you go IMMEDIATELY to the link below, and read:

Wait,ButWhy? AI Post.  More information than you’re used to, we bet!

This will be an episodic podcast set…There are SEVEN of them.  More soon!

~The Baboons

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