Goals & Gratitude – A Month Long Experiment

Here’s what it boils down to.   I suck at consistency, and i wanted to get better.

I have some great mentors like Greg Smithwick and Travis Meares that have pushed me into thinking much bigger than i used to, the result being that i have a zillion ideas and very little of it is getting done!!

I thought it would be a great idea to re-start the 5 Minute Journal, which is a super fast way to reconnect with ones Goals and to spend a minute meditating on Gratitude every single day.   Then i thought, heck, why not do it live on FB and brainstorm WITH some awesome netizens!   So i tried it this morning and it was fun!

If you are interested in joining us live everyday for the next 30 days to practice gratitude and share tips and tricks for achieving not only your goals but fulfillment as well, watch the above video and make sure to both FOLLOW the BABOON ROOM videos, and then for sure pick GET LIVE NOTIFICATIONS so that when we go live every morning FB lets you know!! Already people are sharing tips and goals and its frankly really awesome!!

Ill also be sharing at least one podcast recommendation every day!  The first was the Tim Ferris episode w Tony Robins. I Shared a quick clip from that episode at the end of the video below,  and i think i might share a couple more tomrw.

Here’s Segment Number One of the the Goals and Gratitude Experiment:


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