Goals & Gratitude Day 2

Day 2!! We’re batting 1000!!!


Today we reviewed the PM section of my 5 min journal. ¬†Every night you are supposed to write down 3 things that were amazing. ¬†I screwed up and did it this morning. ¬† Practice. Practice. ¬†Practice. ¬† And the last thing is to ask yourself “How could i have made today better?” ¬† For me that was to have fasted better (my back is killing me and i got up in the middle of the night and ate because i felt sorry for myself, full disclosure) and i forgot to bring Michele lunch like i promised!! I got laser focused on this new project and getting a bunch of things done around the new blog section that i flat out forgot to bring her lunch as i often do. ¬† She coulda starved to death!!! (jk) ¬†Anyway this is a great opportunity for me to contemplate methods and practices to jar me out of good flow states to make sure i re-connect w my plans for the day every hour or so. ¬† The good news? Flow States are exactly what i was after!!!!

Book Recommendation:  The Art Of Learning Josh Waitskin (linked is the Audio Book, im post 2nd listen, child chess prodigy/master of many things dissects learning, and far more importantly Mastery! with awesome bits on flow states.

Goals Review РWork РTriple Views/listens РCreating 2 Video Clips, one BaboonRoom, one Music 

20 patreon patrons   РCreating Video Splash Image for Patreon for supporting Podcast/Music

Sell Remaing Ads Р Following Up w BigStorm

Health-   Goal Weight 200   Р  Going to stretch out the back 15 minutes every 2 hours, ice every 4

Р  Better Fasting MCT oil and Exogenous ketones every other hour,

5 Minute Journal

Quote “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” ¬†Kismet!! The clip today AND the podcast recommendation are both about exactly this!! That was NOT planned ūüėČ ¬†Happy Coincidence much?

We reviewed 3 things I’m grateful for. ¬† Pick 3, make them specific!

My aunt Gail, who started the first women’s shelter in Saskatchewan Canada btw, commented this on our FB Live video thread… great points!

Something you might want to consider is making your three grateful things be specific, and be something that impacted you in the last 24 hours. The more specific you are, the more impact it will have on your brain. I love the gratitudes you have made today, but you’re not allowed to say Michele every day. LOL” -Gail Barret

What would Make Today Great? ¬†list 3 things. ¬†I did. ¬†Video Above ūüėČ

Daily Affirmation Time!   I am consistently connecting with and taking action on my goals.

Podcast recommendation: Subscribe to Ted Talk Audio in your podcast app, itunes, or google play, and find the episode The New American Dream

Greg Smithwich, since i know you love in-line clicky buttons you can also find it HERE.

The clip i shared from Tony Robbins can be found HERE.


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