Goals & Gratitude 3

Quick note, going to pre-record sunday’s sess and post it (need to learn how to schedule posts anyway! ūüėČ but will also try to go live from the GreatSpiritFarm.org anyway! For next week… Goal Setting Session, as well as maybe making a group effort at the happiness project 10 day challenge? ¬† Cheers! ¬† Ps…. if you can, please SHARE a video of mine that you like with one or 2 2 close friends!! ¬†Have a LOOONG way to go to hit 30k but its not impossible!!! ¬†Also all ideas welcome!! as usual. ¬†¬†

This morning’s clip is the actual PROCESS that Tony Robbins uses to flip states in 90 seconds.  

Amazing brain hack!

To listen Again click HERE

5 Minute Journal PM review.   

Goals Review

We will be having a goal setting session early this week so everyone can have their own goals to be reviewing along w me!

There was talk yesterday about maybe coming up with a Communal Goal for the mastermind group thats forming.  Huge Fan! No idea what that looks like though.. Yet! Thanks Kathy Brinkman! So everyone keep that bouncing around in your heads and after we have our Goal Setting Session for our individual goals we will revisit it.   

          Goal:   Triple Views/Listens/  

– ¬†Created one clip video and found out video editing is less simple than i imagined ūüėČ

– Got the splash images made up for intro and Patreon

– Did NOT follow up w Bigstorm, thats my main priority today

– will be creating 4 music set live videos

Goal:  get down to 200 pounds.

  • Fasting went better today, cant lie had 3 ounces of blacked ckn. ¬†It was sublime!! Starting over is HARD. ¬†¬†
  • Need to stretch way more, and sit way less

5 Min Journal

Quote: ¬†‚ÄúThe greatest of human emotions is love. The most valuable of human gifts is the ability to learn. ¬†¬†Therefore, learn to love.‚ÄĚ Uj Ramdas

3 Gratitudes

3 things that would make thoday great

Affirmation…  because consistency is the game dangit!!

I am consistently connecting with and taking action on my goals.

Podcast Recommendation is another Ted Talk, she who must not be named or she will fee too self-conscious to share this post sent me something called the happiness project, which ill be sharing next week, it was written by the guy who gave one of the coolest ted talks ever!!!

Make sure you’ve added Ted Talk Audio to your Podcast App, itunes, or google play.

And search for Shawn Achor’s : The Happy Secret to Better Work (or just click it to play in browser its a cool video too)

or i could just… HA! EMBED

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