Goals & Gratitude 4

Clip Ted Radio Hour @ Minute: 2:53 Big Data, Also todays Podcast Recommendation.

The mind races fdd19e91171bdb97a2aa9989c7d9cfcetoday fellow travelers.  In a few hours im racing up to the Great Spirit Farm for my first ever meditation retreat.   I cant lie, im super excited about it.   I’ve done some meditation before but never like this over a couple days!  What Travis and Shannon have put together (click link above) looks amazing!!  I’m super humbled and honored that i got the invite to come out!

Gotta be quick today because after the podcast im literally jumpin in the truck and taking off to the great white north!!   Of Brooksville.  Also its not white… well not like Canada is white… oh my.  *puts shovel down.

Annnnyway….  Lets Do this.


5 Minute Journal PM Review

Goals Review.   Work

Triple Views/Listens………..   I think Ford said, “What can be measured can be improved”  So in an effort to figure out where im at i counted my views etc.                                                         5325 after 9 days.   Huge improvement over first 2 months, but nowhere near enough!!   Have tons of ideas to get that number                                                      up to the 12.5k per 10 days that itll take to get up to the goal.   Which i WILL hit.   (this is Tough for me Travis, thank you so much                                                    for forcing me to shift my thinking.  I feel like its going to take some practice.   It feels like the monkey mind is wired for                                                                    pessimism lol.   The whole reason i set this big goal was because i knew theoretically that it was possible, but that I’d have to                                                          dramatically expand my thinking and ideas to achieve it. That is FOR SURE Happening.

Quick List of ideas.        Cut and repackage more music clips.  At the end of every set now im going to play and original or a fav cover as a seperate live video so it can more easily be shared. Started yesterday, i think i increased views for that show by 40%, and now i can DL them and re-up them to my music page with a Patreon splash image at the end.   Re-Upload AI, EmDrive etc episode videos from my personal account to the BaboonRoom Page, that means anyone who is watching i can track for this month, no easy way to tell if those numbers move on my personal account.  Video Tour of the GreatSpiritFarm, because DUH! 😉   And so on… i was supposed to make this quick this morning.   lol.

Also, i finally got tracking up on this blog!! Please visit often!! Also, if you happen to read my huge post about our EmDrive Episode, or even just click on it a bunch of times thatd be great!! I worked my but off on that thing, and im super proud of it oddly, and i think lots of people read it, but tracking wasnt live yet!!  Where’s my silly dopamine drip of validation gonna come from now????  lol


Goals Review –   Health….. 215.2!  Back is still effed but gettin better… i think.   Fasted but for an amazing Vegan Wrap from the Westside Deli, heres a quick review 😉 Oh, and a couple tiny apples in the evening.


5 Min Journal

Quote:  “It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly”  – Bertrand Russel

3 Gratitudes.  All People!

# Things to make today Great.


Something I really want to share w you guys just for fun.    Nerd Love!



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