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CALL YOUR DAD.   First.  

I’m selfishly using this so hopefully I won’t forget.

Feel free to pay no mind.

Ahem.  So I wont forget.

‘Do the work. ‘

‘stop fighting against and start building for’

See as example my erstwhile acrimonious relationship w dogmatic religion


The idea of a spreading awakening is real on so many levels.

The thing about podcasting that has me most excited suddenly is our wierd 10am experiment.  Infinitely grateful for all the minds tuning in and joining in hungry to…

‘do the work’

GRATITUDE…. I knew the science, I may have the beginning of an inkling of its truth or essence.  I know that sounds odd.  Ask me about it in person sometime.

All tradition should be questioned… So we can remember and pass on the ones that serve the greatest good.    Those traditions legit exist.

Technology (tool) use without intentionality is an error.   Double embeded note to self: Tom waits playing sober article needs to get discussed on the cast.

Make a tshirt that just says. ‘i am a zen master and so am…’

It’s ok I dont get it anymore either.  But that’s why I need to make it.

Its late.

Meditation retreat part one a roaring life-smashing, life-building, soul expanding experience.

To Travis and Shannon,

No words can describe my gratitude.

‘when u know, u know’

Also…  working on respecting and digging giant spiders.  Fo reelz.  The big scary as fuck ones?  Ya They never hurt u, and they eat all the real nasty bugs out of your house.  I’m fighting hundreds of thousands of years of epigenetics to get past my hang ups and just love the freaky bastards.  To them I am an angry fickle god-giant.  Give then a break.

Also learn to identify the very few actuality dangerous ones.  Mostly so I can let all the others of the dang hook.

See also, all tribalist knee-jerk reactions.  All muslims are..X.

They’re people.

We’re people.

I’m super excited and humbled to be chatting with Ash Gallagher again at the end of this month about the refugees crisis.  I really want to get very specific stories about people.   One single person.  Why they left… Precisely.  What made them go? What was the last straw.  Who do they love the most? Why? What’s their favorite Wednesday morning look like?? And what’s it like to live every moment w fear, hunger?

They are all of them people.

We are people.

The stories we are being told to make us afraid are all categorically bullshit.   Fact.

Let’s make more and more connections.   Tell more caring, peaceful, beautiful stories about our fellow hyper-sentient beings.

Oh and fo reelz let’s get some sleep.

Back live on Fb baboonroom page Monday morning. Ten am sharp.

To do the work.  😉


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