Try Something New for 30 Days


There’s gonna be points! One point for posting (fb live or just post) with the hashtag #baboonroomchallenge .
And one point for every LIKE or LOVE it gets.
The real trick is going to be entering #baboonroomchallenge into the FB search bar, and LIKING everyone’s wins for the day!!
You pick whatever new thing you always wanted to be doing every day!
Starts this saturday.
Absolutely anyone can join. Because more wins is just more wins!!!

Habit forming is probably the ultimate hack!  The life hack that spawns all others, the prime mover of improvement! The Alpha move in the great game of progress!!

We listened to a great Ted Talk today that i need to share with everyone on its own because it has spawned an online HAPPENING.   All of the minds taking part in the 10am Live Sessions, and anyone they would like to invite are welcome to join us.

What are we doing??  Something.   Anything! Something new that each individual chooses for themselves.  And we all do our thing for 30 days!!  We will keep each other accountable and regale each other with stories of challenges overcome, and simple profound actions taken each day!

Thats it, thats all!

Here’s the Ted Talk I’m talking about…

Who’s in?

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