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“Idiocy and Brilliance are roomates” – Danaylov

“Maybe Moores Law should be more about price/performance than the number of transistors you can fit on the head of a pin?” – Corey… im so witty… oh so witty… ahem.  What?

“I am really worried about a world where 90% of all nuclear weapons are in the hands of Putin and Trump” – Danaylov

“Its all fun and games until you divide Poland down the middle”  – Corey

People    (most of these are linked to Singularity 1 on 1interviews!!

Jann Tallinn – No longer his Skype Chair, not his problem.   

Roman Yampolskiy – AI systems engineer, focusing on what the actual fuck we should do, we are FAN

Ray Kurzweil – Father of the Technological Singularity Theory?

Peter Diamandis – Singularity University, X-prize, other stuff

Kevin Kelley  – Inspirational thinker and writer, intentional user of tools

David Brin – Killer Sci-Fi writer,  Uplift series is TIGHT

Calum Chase – Great AI writer, also now my buddy on Twitter… that a thing right?

Greg Bear  – Sci-Fi writer dude

Noam Chomsky – Intellectual Rabble Rouser and PooPoo-er on my optimism

Aubrey De Grey – Cross between Rasputin and Jesus that might kill death. Life Extension Camp: Deal w symptoms and fix the machine ad naseum.

Michael Fossel   – Nothing like Rasputin,  Life Extension Camp: Very into Telomeres solving everything.  

Liz Parrish – Badass,  Life Extension Camp:  “pass me that shit, lets see what happens” mostly in the Telomere lengthening vain i believe.  

Joe Rogan – ex Podcast King

Tim Ferris –  Podcast King

Cal Fussman –  Interview Genius

Iain Banks –  Culture Novels, READ. THEM. ALL.  so good.  So so good.  Very angry he’s dead.  Selfishly.   No more culture novels.  Also apparently he was a raging badass.

Goerdie Rose – D-Wave Quantum Computers CEO

Roger Shawyer – Em- Drive creator, Physicist Anger…er

Athan Monk – Creator of the teddy video that blowing everyone’s minds



Jann Talin on Singularity 1 on 1

The Inevitable – Kevin Kelley

The Nerdist Podcast

Tim Ferris the Story Teller (Call Fussman) Part 1

Tim Ferris the Story Teller (Call Fussman) Part 2

Ray Kurzweil’s Ted Talk Accelerating Returns

Her – the movie

Ex Machina

Accelerando – Charles Stross

Matter – Iain Banks

Athan Monk – Teddy Video




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