Corey n Greg go to Medical Cannabis Land


Notes:   New spots today from podcast friends, Old Still Radio Show and Thinking Outside the LongBox! They’re fun.

  • I’m a #TwitterNoob
  • We visited the Trulieve Medical Canabis Dispensary with a gaggle of Pasco County admin types and County Commissioner Mike Wells.  It was kindof a big deal.   Pasco is wondering whether it should lift a moratorium on even looking at what kind of Regs they’d want for dispensaries in the county, in our view shooting themselves in the economic dev. foot every second they dither.   They were dithering.   Now some of them are actively seeking accurate information.   Which is RAD.
  •  We rediscover the word Image result for hornswoggled.  You’re welcome.
  • The VA is changing their rules so doctors can recommend Cannabis in states where its legal!!
  • 90 Day Rule – Med Pot is going to pass in Fl for a slightly larger set of conditions.   If you see an accredited doctor you WILL NOT have access to fill orders at dispensaries for 90 days.  Disney dont want no Pot Tourism.   Because their dumb as rocks.  Imagine the food sales??  sheesh.
  • NOT covered by your insurance.
  • Good news! You can get pot legally in FL right now?  But only if you’re terminal.  Bad News, Yer Gonna Die!  ahem.  sorry.  this was funnier in the show.
  • For a list of accredited doctors hit the Office of Compassionate Care, Fl
  • Is it true if you use med pot you cant buy a gun?  for real?
  • There are ALOT fo other great links on Solocal Pasco’s Episode Page
  • Heh, did you hear?  Global Warming is almost exactly correlated with the DECREASE in pirates.    WE NEED MORE PIRATES!!
  • Number of deaths by Cannabis Overdose in the history of the world. ZERO.
  • Zero.
  • The County Commissioners really are trying.  They just have alot to learn.  The ones choosing to actually learn it are RAD.   And thank you to them.
  • Partly they are scared that Pasco was the epicenter of the Oxy Pill Mill plague.   Oops.
  • Sasquatch.   SWEET BABY JESUS I SHOULD BE ARRESTED.   I cant help myself.   i brought it up.  Just to rile up the Voice Of God.
  • It worked.





Mike Johnston –    One of the OverLordz of the Robots.  All around nice guy and genius.  Writer of awesome pieces like the one we read on Watch @ #CoffeeOnTheDock, Media Bias. Read It!

Mike Wells Junior – Pasco County Commissioner

Greg Smithwick   –    The Voice of God, and in this instance, the Mover of Destiny!!  Also Pasco County’s Willie Nelson.  (incidently he came out as a Med Cannibis user on his podcast  the next morning… so… also… Dignified, Courageous Badass.

Nikola Danaylov   –   International Singularity Podcast King  –          Here’s

Denise Houston   – Fiesty Grandma and Medical Cannabis Advocate

Jack Mariano –  He’s the guy who works for the County Sheriff right?  Jk.  He Doesnt.  We’re almost certain thats just rumor. He used to like us even, heres his Baboon Room Episode. 

Brian Bosen  –   Rock Star and friend of the Show 

Tony Elis – Uber Googler, Lover of things that go Pew Pew… and Bang Bang.  but seriously, helped us alot on the fly w info for the episode.

Whats His Face Vice President War Criminal Guy   –    Ahem…. Dick Cheney



Robot Overlordz

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