Calum Chace’s “Reverse Luddite Fallacy #CoffeeOnTheDock

BE WARNED.   NSFW parts!! Thats a Canadian Newfie sitting next me, we did our best lol.

Article Starts about 1:50, Coffee on the Dock is Super Chill, since Nikola Danalyov‘s #BaboonRoomChallenge was to stop coffee for 30 days, and i joined him.  9 days ago.   the Headaches are just now starting to abate.  Holy crap.

The article is about the fact that everyone seems to think that because the industrial revolution didn’t mean the end of human labor, as more different jobs were created, that automation will just mean a relatively easy transition from some kinds of human work to others.   This is the Reverse Luddite Fallacy.

I read the article, then we discuss.   Mixed results there.   You get to see how 2 guys communicate that used to live together in a camperized school bus In the Canadian Arctic.  For years.     Its not exactly eloquent.  😉

thank you Calum Chace for letting us read your excellent piece.  Please send me anything else i can help cram into the common consciousness.  Twitter: @cccalum
Want to read the Article? Its HERE
or his latest book, Economic Singularity, click HERE 

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