# Love Anyway – Jeremy Courtney, Co-Founder of Preemptive Love Coalition, Badass Middle East NGO


This is what CNN‘s Brooke Baldwin wanted to know: “Why are you and your team there in #Fallujah, risking your lives?”

The answer is simple: “Because we go to the hard places, the places no one else will go, to love the ones that no one else will love. These 86,000 men, women, and children who are starving in the desert—we’re out there, trying to get them the food, water, and shelter that they desperately need. They’re the same kinds of things that you and I would want if we’d been driven from our homes and forced to live in these nightmarish situations.”  – From Preemptive Love’s FB page

This episode of the Baboon Room made me cry.   Twice.    Not with sadness, though a lot of suffering is discussed, but from a new, higher sense of hope.   A hope that we just might see then end of senseless bloodshed, and even if we don’t, that there are warriors of a different kind surrounding the battlefields, warriors of love, and forgiveness, those who see the fury and the hate and the violence and run towards it to feed the innocents and the enemy alike.  Those who @LoveAnyway.

Talking to Ash Gallagher@beatnikjouno and Preemptive Love Coalition’s co-founder Jeremy Court, @Jcourt was perhaps one of the greatest privileges of my life.    It is an absolute honor to be able to help them share their message.   They are in different places IN IRAQ! Instead of lengthy show notes, I beg you to go listen.  To ponder Carefully.  Then to Take Action.  The mission Jeremy leaves us with is simple, beautiful, and absolutely anyone can get it done THIS WEEK.

Learn more about the The SisterHood Of Soap.

DONATE to Preemptive Love – The money goes to feeding the starving, heart surgeries (etc) for kids, and helping people displaced by war create sustainable economic futures.


“But you’ve never stopped because something is hard. That’s when you lean in. That’s when you love more.

Syria is hard… but you go to the hard places. You’re the first to show up and the last to leave. Let’s show the people of Syria they are not forgotten or alone”



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