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Mike n matt joined me for a wide ranging introduction chat.   We nerded out HOURD. 

Make sure to check out the #CoffeeOnTheDock where i read about Mike’s take on Media Bias.   Or just read his article HERE.

– Overlordz Origin Story

– TedX Naperville.  WAYNESWORLDS neighboor.

Ted Talk Swimming w Sharks

– Heather? KATE?

– Sally Hubbard, women killing it.  hg

Nikola Danaylov  ai ethics

– Mike1: big data amazon recommendations fail

fb contagion experiment

– movie ‘pig’

movie ‘her’

– movie A.I.  ‘machine’

– terminator – ai not smart

– eye contact w oculus rift porn ‘slight creepy’ but ‘more intense’

book – Richard Macmanus ‘Presence’

–  control scheme for VR lacking

youtube:  old people look at VR porn.  

– youtube grannies try pot

Kevin kelley, book, The Inevitable overlordz episode

–  mostly about ‘ownership’

– tracking’ trend

– post capitalism wont happen until the AI takes over

– creative commons, fair use

– twitter is a firehose, symbol of the abundance mindset

– the demise of Google Reader (I loved that too!)

trekonomics book, Manuu Saadia on twitter

– twitter no0b discussion

– share music and good content instead of corporate garbage

– mellenials requiring validation

– married people don’t know how to effin get back to people!!

– Being intentional with ones time.

– #BaboonRoomChallenge

– Try Something New For 30 Days (ted talk)

– Helicotpter parenting vs free range parenthing,

– Corey wants to bug out on a sailboat.

– Stranger Things

  • Culture Novels.  Techno Optimism Dammit!
  • no seriously robot cars are taking over.


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