NEW! Baboon Room Podcast. It’s Been a Long Time Comin’.

Corey and Greg in the AAaaafterrrrnooooooonnn!

Hi, this is Greg from So Local Pasco.

I step in and write words when Corey is too busy being an awesome super music ninja podcaster charity Jedi. He is doing all that, today. Literally from sunrise, to late tonight, he will be talking and laughing, and strumming and looping through our community. He’s kind of catalytic.

He tried hard to teach me some lessons, today. I just want you all to understand, I am working hard to be fair, and friendly, and kind. I know I don’t always meet that standard. I want us to be okay, all of us.

Anyway, listen to us hash out the terms for honest dealing with friends and others. The terms seem to be, we have to be honest, but we don’t have to be jerks about it.


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