Goals & Gratitude – Hack Time!!!

We had a killer day with #GnG today.   the Ted Talk about how to gain control of your free time was WAY MORE about how to kill overwhelm and a sense of not having enough time by just prioritizing!!

The first video is from our show @ 730 am where we watch a ted talk daily then run through some Goal Review then list 3 gratitudes etc. We do it every day, fire me a friend request on FB @ Corey Cottrell, we go live EVER DAY @ 730 am for GnG, then #CoffeeOnTheDock @ 830am and back to #GnG (Goals and Gratitude) for a workshop at 10am.  Today we actually DID all the actions that are suggested in the ted talk and it was AWESOME!!   Get a pen and paper handy and follow along with us!





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